In India, UDUPI is synonymous with Southern Indian style vegetarian cooking. To ensure the same high quality of the food that UDUPI is famous for, every single dish listed here is prepared with rich and aromatic Indian herbs and spices to transform intricate conjurations of vegetables, lentils, and rice into tasty meals that are as fulfilling as they are filling.



For those of you unfamiliar with Indian cuisine many items are described in simple English terms. However, we feel that these descriptions are vague and suggest that you sample a variety of dishes in order to determine your own particular eating pleasure. We take great pride in all of our dishes, using only the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes. Whether you are a fan of vegetarian cuisine or Indian food in general, you will enjoy our flavorful dishes.


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Located in Artesia, California We look forward to providing you with a culinary experience that you will enjoy and want to come back for. In addition to dining, we also provide catering and on-site Dosa catering services. Experience the finest of Southern India cuisine at Udupi Palace. Please call us at 562-860-1950 for further information or assistance and our Manager who will be delighted to assist you.